Yubo Has Comprehensive Safety Measures

Yubo has become popular among younger Gen Z users and has many users in their teenage years. In an effort to provide a safe platform that these users can post on, the social media app has instilled a comprehensive suite of safety measures.

Terms and Conditions

The foundation of any social media app’s safety measures is terms and conditions. All users must ascribe to Yubo’s terms before accessing the platform, and the terms lay out what’s accepted on the platform.

Although terms and conditions are far from a unique safety feature, it’s a foundational one. Yubo actively monitors posts for violations of these terms, and the terms provide grounds for disciplinary action when such action is necessary.

Age Verification

Yubo also has an age verification process that all years must go through. The purpose of this feature is to prevent users from simply lying about their age to gain access.

The age verification process is simple yet effective. Artificial intelligence analyzes a user-uploaded photograph, and from the photograph verifies the user-provided age. The AI can tell whether a user’s age falls within the estimated range with a high degree of accuracy.

Accuracy for the verification process is currently at 98.9 percent. That’s across all ages, skin tones, and genders. For the 1.1 percent that isn’t accurately verified, a secondary manual process is available.

Blocked Content

Once their account is set up, users can self-block content that they don’t want to see. They can provide specific terms and/or emojis that they don’t want to see, and the app won’t show users the content. Content from everyone can be blocked, or users can select to block only content from non-friends.

By using specific user-provided terms and emojis, Yubo has made the content-blocking feature customizable. Users don’t have to just rely on pre-determined categories. They can instead be extremely precise with the content that they specifically don’t want to see.

Such customizability is helpful for users who find particular issues or events upsetting. They can be as broad or as narrow as they want.

Information Alerts

Anytime users share personal information on the platform, an alert pops. The alert doesn’t stop users from sharing details, but it serves as a reminder of how careful they should be.

An alert feature is an educational tool for newer users who might not be fully aware of what information they should keep private. It’s also a helpful reminder for all users, as anyone might accidentally provide sensitive information when quickly interacting with someone.

Constant Content Monitoring

A constant system of monitoring content as it’s posted helps ensure that the social media app remains a safe space. Artificial intelligence captures screenshots each second and analyzes them for signs of potentially inappropriate content. Anything that’s deemed suspicious or questionable is passed onto a manual review team of safety specialists.

Specialists are working all day, every day, and trained in how to evaluate content. They’ll remove anything that’s inappropriate for