Why Should I Sell My iPhone XS?

Nobody can deny the fact that mobile phones have become a vital part of modern life. Whether at work or play, our phones are usually never far from us. By 2019, there were over 80 million mobile active phone subscriptions in the UK alone with the most popular brand being the Apple iPhone.

Now, all this may not sound like too much of an issue until you consider one major challenge that many people don’t bother about; what happens to all those phones when the owners no longer need them, usually because they’re buying an upgrade?

Unfortunately, many people throw their old phones away and unknowingly contribute e-waste, to the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. So, if you’ve been using an iPhone XS and you’re ready for something new but can’t decide what to do with your old phone, or you’ve been asking yourself, ‘why should I sell my iPhone XS instead of simply throwing it away?’, then we have the answers for you. May we suggest that you sell your iPhone at too?

Here are a few reasons to sell us your iPhone XS

  • Help to reduce the mountains of e-waste being dumped across the world.
  • When you sell your iPhone with reboxed, you’re contributing to global recycling and helping to protect the planet by reducing the need to continuously extract more natural resources like iron, cobalt, gold, and copper to manufacture more new phones.
  • You help to minimise toxins that are leaking into soil and waterways daily. By selling us your phone instead of simply throwing it away, harmful components such as lead, mercury, and arsenic will not get into the environment.
  • You get a fair price for your used phone and can put some money in your pocket.

Still unsure? Why not check out some testimonials from a few of our past customers.

Finally, we assume your iPhone XS has served you well and has been an important part of your life, so rather than throwing it out for it to eventually end up in landfill, give it a second life.

Plus, we’ll plant trees for every phone rehomed to offset the devices lifetime CO2 emissions.

No matter how bruised or battered your iPhone XS may be from those forgettable nights out post-lockdown, we guarantee to take care of it and do our best to give it a new life – rewarding your pocket and our planet.

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