Useful Smart Gadgets for Your Home

Smart Gadgets, now that they are available easily to the domestic user, have made futuristic dreams come true. In this decade you can automate your home without the need for any expensive technology installed or any renovations done around the premises. Smart Gadgets fit right into your existing home infrastructure.

Though smart gadgets may seem expensive, they are still comparatively more affordable to the general population as opposed to the even more advanced technology that requires more work, time and money to be installed into your home. Here are some smart gadgets that could be useful around your home – consider them worth the investment!

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router


Better than any regular router, the Google Nest Router lives up to its name of being a smart router. Providing seamless connectivity to all connected devices, without any buffering issues, the Nest Router protects your network from any sort of virus or malware with regular and automatic updates.

Eliminate any dead ends in your home when it comes to connectivity because the nest Router’s range covers an area of 2200 square feet. When paired with the Nest Point, the two devices together can cover a total area of 3800 square feet (and retail for $269 when purchased together at FirstEnergy).

Through the Google Home app, you can manage connectivity to any device that is connected to the router. You can also set parental controls on particular devices connected to the router; for instance, restricting certain content on your kids’ tablets, or setting schedules for connectivity to limit screen time.

nUVo™ Traveler Personal UVC Air Disinfector


Although portable, the nUVo personal air disinfector is a pretty useful device for your home; easy for you to carry from room to room, and even in your cars or on public transport. It uses high-energy and ultra-violet rays (VC) to destroy bacteria and pathogens present in the atmosphere around you – works best in eliminating mold, viruses, and Covid-19 variants.

The device performs 2 air changes every hour, for an area of 500 square feet – a 12 feet diameter from the device. It has a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours and battery power that can last up to 4 hours at a stretch. You won’t have to worry about any background noise either since it works in silence.

Google Nest Doorbell

Wired variant retailing for $229.00, Battery Operated retailing for $179.99

The Google Nest Doorbells are available in two variants, both featuring a similar design and the same brilliant features that otherwise would not be found in a regular doorbell or video intercom. This sleek doorbell boasts a camera that has a wide-angle horizontal and vertical view, and video in HD that is accessible around the clock – with a 3-hour snapshot history so you can preview the last 3 hours if need be. It basically doubles as a surveillance cam.

Get alerts directly to your smartphones and answer your door whether you’re home or away. The Nest Doorbell provides the ease of not missing out anytime your doorbell rings – and even if not! Sit at your office desk and talk to the UPS delivery guy. And get notified any time there is any movement detected within the set activity zone so you can see what’s going on outside your door. With a subscription to Nest Aware, users can also initiate facial recognition to be notified whenever particular people are at the door.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug


A smart plug comes in very handy around the house. Given that these plugs can be controlled from our smartphones and are even compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, that makes them remotely and wirelessly accessible. Anything that you plug into a smart plug, can be controlled from your phones even if you’re not home, and with a simple voice command as well.

Anything from lamps to heaters, even curling irons and chargers for instance can be plugged into the Wemo Smart Plug. So if you wish you turn on the living room lamp every evening while you’re out of town, guess what, just pick up your phone! Or if you forgot to turn off the curling iron on your way out, you can always switch off the plug from your phone just to be sure.

We did say that smart gadgets are easily available to the domestic consumer. You can find them at FirstEnergy solutions along with a whole plethora of smart gadgets suitable for every aspect of your home. Everything from smart cameras to smart sprinklers, also professional installation services, as well as home-related services. So head on over to today, and find yourself a new smart gadget that you didn’t know you wanted for your home! They’re worth the investment.