Use Intelligent Search and Recommendations to Engage Website Visitors with the Right Content

So you have a customer who is looking for dress shoes. Your site serves up a page showing dress shoes. A competitive site shows dress shoes, sports shoes, sandals, and boots. Which site do you think the customer is going to be more compelled to explore? Of course, your site, which served up far more relevant search results.

In today’s digital-only world, using intelligent search and recommendations is the best way to engage your visitors. Even if they’re coming directly to your site, your relevance platform should be able to determine, based on user history, interests, and affiliations, the best content to serve up.

Machine Learning Transforms Enterprise Search Into Intelligent Search

Machine learning algorithms detect patterns and learn how to make predictions and recommendations by processing data and experiences, rather than by receiving explicit programming instructions.

With machine learning, highly manual and complex enterprise searches can be transformed into intelligent searches where search results and recommendations are geared towards boosting search relevance and optimizing the individual user experience.

What Role Does a Relevance Engine Play in Intelligent Search

A Relevance engine enables you to effortlessly connect each visitor to the content they need with intelligent search and recommendations. Every interaction helps orchestrate the visitor journey and taps into unified visitor data, search, and AI to deliver higher converting and relevant experiences across the web and mobile. This helps visitors engage, learn, and convert.

Optimizing for Search Relevance

According to Forrester, over 40% of customers go directly to the search bar first. If your search bar doesn’t serve up highly relevant search results, your customers are likely to jump over to a competitor’s site.

Increasing your level of relevancy will help your customers make better, more informed purchasing decisions. This will build goodwill, which will contribute to people’s enthusiasm about your business.

What is the best way to deliver relevant results? By adding a layer of intelligence that puts your wealth of knowledge into action, enabling you to provide the relevant experiences people expect.

An Intuitive AI-Powered Website Search

Make sure your site search is as intuitive for customers as the search engine that brought them there. Help them find what they need and convert sooner with:

  • As-you-type query suggestions
  • Result previews nudging visitors in the right direction
  • Typo tolerance to avoid returning zero results
  • Dynamic navigation and filters aiding content discovery
  • Relevance-based rankings to optimize results

Personalization and Recommendations

Simplify content personalization by letting AI optimize every step of the journey. Tailor content to each individual with:

  • Data-driven content and product discovery
  • Affinity predictions based on user history, interests, and affiliations
  • Context- and behavior-based recommendations

Discover how you can use website relevance solutions by Coveo to engage visitors with the right content.

Post Author: Khloe Diego