The Various Services Offered by a Virtual Office Provider

There are many important components that are unavailable to a new business; renting a plush office in the CBD part of the city is simply out of the question, as this would require considerable capital, and a new business just doesn’t generate the revenue to justify renting an office. As we all know, your registered business address says a lot about a person and their business, and with virtual office services, you can acquire a very prestigious business address in the right sector of the city, and what’s more, the service is very affordable.

  • Basic Business Address – You might want nothing more than a business address the right area of town and to have all mail forwarded to you, a service that is not only very affordable, you can arrange everything online, without even leaving your home. Imagine working from home but having a CBD business address? And all for a few dollars a week!
  • Business Address & Messaging – This is a prestigious business virtual address, plus a messaging service that is tailored to meet your needs. You might want all messages to be forwarded to your mobile number via SMS, plus email can also be covered, should it be necessary.
  • Virtual Receptionist Services – When someone calls your office number, wouldn’t it be nice if a professional receptionist answered the call, in the name of your company? The receptionist would be remotely connected and the provider guarantees that all calls are answered within 5 seconds, and you can’t get any better than that! The receptionist would be fully briefed on your company and what you do and will follow your specific guidelines regarding services; you could, for example, have the virtual receptionist transfer the caller to your mobile number, or she could take a message.
  • Meeting & Conference Room Hire – If you are planning to meet a potential client and would like to project the right image, you can hire a fully functional meeting room at the virtual office centre. This is ideal if you have a sales team that you would like to meet every week, as the facilities can be rented by the hour and for a small extra cost, they will put up your company signage.

The virtual office provider is geared up to help small businesses project the right image, plus all their services are flexible and you only pay for what you use.