Industry 5.0: Adopting AI with a human-centric approach 

Technology has expanded in leaps and bounds since the First Industrial Revolution. Early on, the advancements made were tied heavily to the needs of humans at the time. Today, we’re experiencing how the needs of modern life are really driving innovation and accelerating society into the future.

With the emergence of these still-developing advancements, our industrial capacities have improved to the point of automation, cyber-physical systems and robotics giving shape to smart factories. Such smart factories across the world have enhanced a variety of manufacturing industries, such as automotive and consumer electronics. With humans and machines working together, it has improved overall production, performance and sustainability.

While many companies and entire industries are still in the middle of this fourth revolution that started in 2011, Industry 5.0 is on the horizon. Becoming known as the era of personalization, the next industrial revolution is projected to further augment the collaboration of humans and machines. By syncing technological advancements with human thinking skills, a more personalized experience will shape production as well as our day-to-day lives.

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The Evolution of Industry from Advanced Technology Services, a provider of technical workforce support